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Rholala logo is a plugin for the great webmail Roundcube. It allows an automatically switch of the logo in the case of multiple domains on a single Roundcube instance.
This plugin has been greatly inspired by Markus Neubauer who initially wrote such a plugin for earlier versions of the webmail.

Composer installation

The preferred way to install the plugin is to use Composer following the instructions on the Roundcube Plugins website. You can find the rholala_logo repository at this URI: http://plugins.roundcube.net/packages/feub/rholala_logo

Manual installation

To install Rholala logo on your server, download a copy of it using the link below :

Download Rholala logo plugin for Roundcube

  1. Unzip the archive and copy the rholala_logo directory in the plugins directory of your roundcube installation, something like /var/www/html/roundcube/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin in the config/main.inc.php configuration file of Roundcube. To do this, add its name in the $rcmail_config['plugins'] array, something like this:
    $rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('password', 'plugin_manager', 'rholala_logo');
  3. When it is done, you only have to upload the different image files of your logos (as PNG files) in the images directory of the plugin, following this convention: mydomain.com_logo.png where mydomain.com is the domain name
  4. That’s all!

In the case of a broken image link or if the file is non-existent, the plugin falls back to the default Roundcube logo. Note that this plugin is intended to be used with the default « larry » Roundcube skin.
The plugin has been developed based on Roundcube Webmail version 0.9.5.

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  1. It’s too dificult to change algo the LOGIN logo. Using the URL domain (Or the termination of the URL in case mail.domain/ ?

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